Context is Key

We’re honored to have been selected to illustrate the Creative Mornings global theme for December – Context.

We were especially excited for the chance to illustrate this theme because of how significantly contextual considerations play out in our own work. Context is key to all creative output, though we try to be extra conscious of it when producing digital work–especially work that’s tailored to social media.

We try to think of each person’s social feed as sacred. It’s filled with friends & family, memories, emotions…and the occasional ad. So, we try to put ourselves in a viewer’s shoes when we’re working on a social spot. If they’re riding the train to work, perusing headlines and wondering what to do with their weekend, we need an idea and execution that get their attention and resonate on a personal level. It’s almost like fitting the pieces of a puzzle together. Sorry, we couldn’t resist…

Ok, enough about us. Now make sure to catch the next Creative Mornings event in your city!