GE Lighting Creator’s Circle

We recently traveled to New York for the GE Lighting Creator’s Circle event in Long Island City. The live event featured three creators, working within our respective fields to produce content incorporating the GE high definition Reveal bulb.

Over the course of a three-hour live broadcast with 918k views on GE’s Facebook page, we created a stop-motion video with GE bulbs, while simultaneously answering questions from streaming in from online viewers.

For us, the event was essentially a real-time, behind the scenes look at our process, albeit a dramatically condensed iteration of our typical workflow. With such limited time, we completely honed-in on continually pushing production forward, without getting too weighed down by details that we’d normally spend hours ironing-out. Deadline-induced stress aside, the time constraints ended up feeling liberating, freeing us up to solely focus on getting the job done.

GE Lighting Creator's Circle