Lord of the Pints

This summer, Halo Top Creamery disrupted an established industry, storming its way to the title of top-selling pint in America. We recently partnered with the sizzling hot frozen treat makers on a pair of social media videos.

With Halo Top, less is more. The pints are low sugar and have roughly ¼ the calories of competitor pints. With only 240-360 calories in most pints, the Halo Top marketing push has centered on permission to eat the whole pint, guilt-free. We built our videos to showcase the pints in all their gold-foiled glory. In both videos, we kept the scenes stripped-down and minimal, focusing on the pints, while keeping things lighthearted and engaging with nods to competitive cup-stacking and weekend morning waffle vibes.

Cup Stacking
Waffle Ice Cream Maker