Interview with Time Magazine

David Schwen was recently interviewed by Alexander Ho at TIME Magazine.

Here is an excerpt from the interview:

TIME Magazine: Why did you start using Instagram, and how has your use of it and understanding of it changed since your first post?

Schwen: When I started, I used Instagram just as a photo app like everybody else. If you look at my first posts, the photos use a lot of filters, [they are] pictures of what I’m eating and such. I used to post my illustrations on Flickr, and once I started to realize that Instagram was a place where you could share with a big community of creative people, I started to skew more towards making stuff other than selfies. Some of the images on my feed are from client work, but there are also a lot of self-initiated projects from a long list of ideas that I’m always keeping track of. When I have some downtime, I work on these ideas. I have a lot of fun.

TIME Magazine: Which post inspired the most audience feedback and engagement through likes and comments? Why do you think that photo got people’s attention?

Schwen: I think the most liked image is of the rechargeable banana. People really enjoy things that aren’t branded, and aren’t an ad. The video has a pretty funny story. I was headed to work one day and my fiancé told me to bring a banana with me. It was a little bit beat up. (I’m kind of a banana snob: if it gets too ripe I don’t eat it.) While I was sitting at my desk and wishing the banana was a bit more ripe, I noticed it was lying next to my phone charger, and the idea came to make a video. Instead of waiting days for the banana to get blacker, I would microwave the banana in between each picture. Slowly the banana just got more and more disgusting until it exploded. The studio reeked of banana for two days.

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