Air France

Sky Cinema


By the numbers, Air France is the largest cinema in Europe, with over 38,000 screens streaming 1200 hours of film. This may not come as a huge surprise, given the French’s affinity for film, but the brand still needed to find a way to effectively leverage its commitment to the art form and connect more meaningfully with consumers.

  • Project
    Cinemagraph Campaign
  • Deliverables
    Film, Cinemagraph, Gif

Connecting with passengers.
Through the love of film.

Love is in the Air


To highlight Air France’s passion for cinema, we developed a mini social campaign to celebrate the 42nd Cérémonie des César (the French equivalent of the Oscars). We chose cinemagraphs as our medium for a stylized, modern take on the nostalgic feeling of classic cinema. Using playful color and animation to blend flying and film, we drove home the idea that film takes you places.

Head in the Clouds
  • Model: Emily Caillon
    Hair/Make-up: Jules Annen