Bank of America

Money Habits


Bank of America recently rolled out a suite of budgeting tools designed to streamline millennial saving. The challenge that they faced was engaging with millennials around a topic that tends to be a turn-off. They came to us for a series of videos and stills that could stand out in cluttered social feeds, while informing and inspiring customers in their 20’s and 30’s to use their Better Money Habits tools. With each of our pieces, we depicted relatable daily decisions and used a visual twist to show how quickly they can add up to long-term savings.

  • Project
    Social Media Campaign
  • Deliverables
    Concepting, Stop-Motion Animation


A successful date night doesn’t need to break the bank. In fact, it doesn’t need to cost anything at all. We set out to show easy savings by juxtaposing two date scenes in a single, seamless shot. To pull it off, we went all in on a two-story set build. The result was movie magic that draws viewers in and drives engagement.

  • Sound/Music: Pull
    3D Character Printing: Dave Currie

Budgeting is boring.
'til you make it look cool.

A little saving goes a long way.


It can be hard to see the potential payoff of small, daily savings. To visualize how Bank of America’s tools amplify the appeal of doing the little things right, we broke the bank (literally) and threw in a visual twist to show how every little bit counts in the long run.

  • Sound/Music: Pull


For this execution, we created a still that combines talent with rich 3D renderings. Playing off of the classic devil vs angel scenario, we depicted workday lunch decisions by pitting a blinged-out sushi roll against a humble bag lunch sandwich.

  • 3D Characters: Chris Denny