When the producers of Brat, a new web series reached out to us to create a spread of title sequences for the forthcoming Youtube-based show, the opportunity caught our attention. Unlike a lot of the clients that we work with, ‘Brat’ was starting completely from scratch. We knew that the high school sitcom was geared towards teens and tweens, but beyond that it was on us to dream-up a variety of intros that would set the tone at the beginning of each episode.

  • Project
    Title Sequences
  • Deliverables
    Animation, Stop-Motion, Motion Graphics

Channeling the Classics.
To Reach a New Generation.


We created a stockpile of unique title sequences, melding a nostalgic 90’s aesthetic with a mix of high school iconography and playful pop visuals. Stylistically cohesive as a whole, each intro was created to stand on its own at the beginning of any ‘Brat’ episode. The throwback styling works as a nod to the reemergence of the 90’s look in teenage pop culture, playing with the juxtaposition of old school sitcom appeal delivered in a decidedly new school, streaming format.

  • Music: Tubular Waves by Jonny Rodgers