McDonald’s is universal. 35,000 locations in 118 countries, with upwards of 65 million customers a day. Excelling at such astronomical scale poses the equally sizable challenge of maintaining brand consistency while appealing to customers representing virtually every demographic imaginable. When we were asked to create posters for new McDonald’s locations in Dubai, we channeled inspiration from one of our Instagram passion projects that went viral on a global scale in 2013.

  • Project
    Poster Campaign
  • Deliverables
    Photography, Concepting, Design

Bringing people together.
With burgers and design.


Approaching the project, we embraced the incredible internationalism of Dubai as a design opportunity. The city of 2.5 million people is a major international hub, so we created posters that transcend culture and hit home no matter where home is. Inspired by the success of our #PantonePairings project that garnered worldwide attention in 2013, we broke down three iconic McDonald’s sandwiches into ingredient swatches. A universal brand deserves universal appeal.

  • Agency Parter: Leo Burnett
    Head of Art:
    Daniel Salles
    Art Director: Hana Kawalit
    Copywriter: Zaid Alwan