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Over the past five years, the web has been awash with ‘unboxing’ videos. As the name implies, the short, POV videos feature products being meticulously removed from packaging. The genre is ubiquitous in the tech industry, where unboxing videos of new products combine massive hype with manicured aesthetics to rack-up millions of views on Youtube and beyond. While typically reserved for smartphones and gaming consoles, we decided to step into the unboxing ring with the release of Western Digital’s fashion-forward My Book hard drive.

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Secure your storage.
And look good doing it.


Seeking to reach an audience of creative professionals, Western Digital enlisted our help to create an unboxing video beyond the norm. After all, if it’s not broke, why not make it even better? Rather than the standard several-minute video with user commentary, we brought the Swiss-designed hard drive to life in under 15 seconds with an eye-catching, stop-motion video that demonstrates both capabilities and visual appeal.

We've got your back-up.


  • Agency Parter: R/GA
    Sound Design: Pull