Instagram Story


When it comes to food and beverage product discovery and purchase consideration, consumers are turning to Facebook, Messenger, and Instagram in huge numbers. 51% of food shoppers come across new food and recipe ideas on the Facebook family of apps, and 55% of food shoppers who discover new food products on social media make a purchase as a result.

  • Project
    Instagram Story Campaign
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    Concepting, Instagram Story Videos
Food for Thought


We partnered with Facebook to visualize the effectiveness of the Facebook family of apps for food & bev marketers at a conference in Chicago. The ask was to create a quick-hitting, scene-by-scene Instagram Story for the Instagram Business account. We used the time constraint of the medium to our advantage and told a Story that was lightning quick, lighthearted, and included a bit of gamification to engage viewers. We tied each of the Story segments together with a monochrome background that stood out in the blur of feeds and made our protagonist pop at every turn.

A Standout Story.
With Clever Color.